Clean Company”

“Clean Company” was founded in 2021, 16th of July. The main reason of starting this company, was recruitment of professional stewards and housekeepers in the hotels and restaurants, because during COVID 19 many employees retired and left those positions; that fact caused a challenge for the companies to hire or train new ones for replacement.

That’s when “Clean Company” showed up with new employers, who were trained according to international standards. Later, the company hired highly educated and experienced training managers for each specialty, who are successfully continuing their job.

David Batirashvili

“Clean Company” was founded by Mr. David Batirashvili, who has been working in this field since 2009. He has worked in “Radisson Blue Iveria Hotel Tbilisi” since preopening; he also used to be a Chief steward in “Hualing Hotels & Preference” for five years,
preopening as well.

Mr. David also gained experience in “Ghvinis Karkhana”, where he was responsible for managing the hygiene and sanitary of several restaurants. At that moment, he is a Chief Steward in “Pullman Axsis Towers Tbilisi” where he played a huge role during the preopening period.

Mr. David has grown many stewards who are working in the top hotels and restaurants these days.

Etuna Khakhutashvili

Etuna Khakhutashvili: She has been leading the cleaning department at Cleancompany for a year.
Etuna Khakhutashvili’s work experience in the field of cleaning started from the Adjara Group, namely from the Hotel “Holiday Inn”. Since 2012, Etuna Khakhutashvili has been working as an ordinary employee, a housewife, but 1.5 working years were enough for her to be promoted to a supervisor.
She brought up many strong personnel, teaching them in detail, Starting from cleanliness, ending with etiquette.

The next stage of the hotel “Holiday inn” was the “Kazbegi Room”, where she worked as an assistant manager. At the same time, she attended professional development courses and trainings in the same field.
Since 2018, she was invited to work in Tbilisi, in the most prestigious branded fitness room, namely Worldclass, as a manager.