General arrangement - cleaning


  • Floor and carpet cleaning;
  • Skirting board cleaning;
  • Wiping dust from lamps and chandeliers;
  • Cleaning walls from dirt;
  • Washing windows, window sills, glass and frames;
  • Eaves dust;
  • Removing dust from the air conditioner;
  • Door cleaning;
  • Cleaning mirrors and glass surfaces;
  • Dust accessories in the room;
  • Cleaning upholstered furniture with a vacuum cleaner;
  • Removing dust from household appliances;
  • Cleaning faucets, sinks and toiletsTile grinding;
  • Chopping and cleaning grass;
  • Shower and bath washing;
  • Washing the trash can;
  • Garbage removal;
  • Waste bin storage removed;
  • Sanding kitchen tiles;
  • Special fat remover;
  • Kitchen cabinet cleaning inside and out;
  • Scraping out the fridge;
  • Cooker cleaning and grease removal with special solutions;
  • Cleaning the electric oven outside;
  • Removing dirt and grease from walls;
  • Removing dust from kitchen appliances;
  • Cleaning of faucets and sinks, disinfection.

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The company uses only licensed chemicals and disinfectants for cleaning